The Dad Zone

This is a comedy advice podcast by two dads who know all there is to know about dadding. They answer questions from listeners and the internet about the trials and tribulations of parenthood from a dads perspective.
No topic is out of bounds, these two dads are unafraid of addressing the difficult issues. Mostly they just talk rubbish and sometimes they even give sensible advice!

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    Shady Imposter and Bread Defroster

    This week the Dad Zone draws a line in the sand. An ancient war for the very souls of humankind has battled for centuries beneath our very noses. A battle between yin and yang, good and evil, right and wrong. We shed light on this feud between bread bin people and freezer bread people. which are you? We also offer lots of great advice, read funny memes and taste some beer.

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    Dad Zone's Wild West Spectacular

    Well, Howdy Pilgrims! In honour of the release and our subsequent addiction to Red Dead Redemption 2, we have dedicated a whole episode to the Wild West, and it's totally spectacular. So strap on your chaps, spurs and six shooters as the Dad Zone takes you on a marvellous journey into the dangerous 1800's. Oh, we also review Netflix's The Duel and of course Red Dead Redemption 2. YeeHaw!

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    Tough Gun Laws and The "I'm Fine" Clause

    Soooooooo.... Red Dead Redemption 2 came out this week and we would much rather be playing that, but instead you get your precious podcast episode! We hope you're happy! Do you need an AK-47 to keep the King of England from stealing your Wife? What's good about vegetable gardens? Not much but we talk about it. Also if you happen to need help with your tax return, then maybe listen to us, maybe.

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    Too Much Tarantino? and The Gator King's Bambino

    Wow! Big episode this week full of intrigue, surprises and reveals. We finally find out that Andrew is in fact a MORLOCK! We ask "Can a film be to Tarantino-y?" We chat about Banksy's latest stunt and figure out whats the deal with baby gender reveal parties. Reviews this week include The Haunting of Hill House, The Hateful Eight, Assassins Creed: Odyssey and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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    Nagging Him and Checking on Jim

    We are back after a forced two week break to an influx of disgruntled wives asking for advice. Never fear though, Simon is back with a new microphone, sounding better than ever! Goddamn it listen to those silky tones! Andrew's here too, no vocal improvements there but heck, was there room for any? Nope is the answer.

    Beer reviews, memes, heroes, Jim Morrison and advice abound. What else could you ask for? Lots probably but we can only deliver so much. Give us a break.

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    Tenant's Vengeful Designs and 400 Dead Felines

    Ever wanted to get back at your greedy landlord? Well this is the episode for you! We also delve deep into the Croydon Cat Killer mystery, argue about the best way to create a Platypus and catch up on Andrews fitness quest. Reviews this week include The Predator, Disney's Christopher Robin, Unfriended: Dark Web and The Apple Watch series 4.

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    Where's the Steak and Car.... Mistake? Rhymed Steak with Mistake there.... pretty clever.

    This week we write the book on how to live with domestic blindness... that's BLINDNESS, Simon. Also what the hell is the point of a lid on the laundry basket? Its an entrapment device I tell ya! ENTRAPMENT! Some poor guy keep backing into his neighbours car and we give constructive advice on how to deal with that particular issue.

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    A Dying Man's Request and Nike Supports The Protest

    Controversy Alert! We chat about the NFL's anthem protest and Nike's new ad campaign. We also discuss what our dying wishes would be and surprise surprise they are very #NSFW. We review new spooky movie The Nun, Netflix's Ozark and classic family movie The Dark Crystal. Spiderman PS4 gets a good score and NBA 2K18 doesn't. We also check in with Andrew for an update on his weight loss journey.

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    Stolen Goods and Too Much Foods

    Its our annual fathers day episode!!!!! Fathers day in australia anyway before get ferociously get @ me. We discuss and rate the terrible presents that you, the listener, received. Also we unpack what it means to have two daughters or two sons. There's a question about someone who eats a lot too, so look forward to that.

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    The Sco Mo is Hired and A Farter gets Fired

    Australia has a new Prime Minister, again! So, the dad zone get elbow deep in the latest Australian leadership spill. There was also this guy who filmed himself farting at work and then got fired, whats up with that? Simon reviews Leigh Whannel's Upgrade and Netflix's Final Space while Andrew actually watched something this week, his reviews include The Worlds End and the TV show Younger, enjoy.

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