The Dad Zone

This is a comedy advice podcast by two dads who know all there is to know about dadding. They answer questions from listeners and the internet about the trials and tribulations of parenthood from a dads perspective.
No topic is out of bounds, these two dads are unafraid of addressing the difficult issues. Mostly they just talk rubbish and sometimes they even give sensible advice!

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    Division of Labor and Movie Night Favour

    Hey ho! It Andrew and Simon again. Here to tell you how you are doing it wrong. I tell you what guys, you're a real piece of work aren't ya? Who do you think you are coming in here and throwing your weight around? THIS IS OUR PODCAST AND WE'LL DO WHAT WE WANT (Which is talk about beer.... and give advice.... and look at memes.... ) These show notes don't have much to do with the actual content of the episode but you get what you pay for I guess. Enjoy!

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    T.W.O - Isa Nublar and Idris Elba

    The Dads review Jurassic World 2, Sacha Baron Cohen's Who is America and debate just how many things could be better with a little more Idris Elba.

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    Good Fast Food and Bad Game Mood

    This week is the final of season 2. Will Andrew escape from that pack of mutant wolves? Will Simon finish his PHD in time to save the President? The answers to these questions and more lie within....

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    T.W.O - Incredibles 2 and The Witch

    The Dad's review Incredibles 2, The Witch and countdown our top 5 movies we can't wait to show our kids.

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    Beer Appreciation and Toilet Altercation

    This week we talk more than usual about beer . We discuss psychic marriage planners and hiding in the toilet. We also have a screaming argument about pooping, so that's a highlight. We also put the shout out to you, the fans, to help us come up with a new segment.

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    T.W.O - E3 2018 and Hereditary

    The Dad's review the super creepy Hereditary and discuss the best and worst reveals at E3 2018

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    Wedding Rings and Stripper Things

    This week, the pod has special features including but not limited to..... recording issues. Also we talk about light sabres, lost wedding rings, the dark web and children going mental in electronics stores. Buy Andrew's old car at

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    Tantrum Shootin' and Too Much Gluten

    This week on The Dad Zone we tackle kids tantrums, get super medical with regards to recommended gluten intake and convince some guys wife to watch Game of Thrones. The make a Bad Dad Feel Better Service (MABDFBS) makes it triumphant return and we give Brownie Pointers a well deserved break (or we give you a well deserved break from it, depending on your preferences).

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