The Dad Zone

This is a comedy advice podcast by two dads who know all there is to know about dadding. They answer questions from listeners and the internet about the trials and tribulations of parenthood from a dads perspective.
No topic is out of bounds, these two dads are unafraid of addressing the difficult issues. Mostly they just talk rubbish and sometimes they even give sensible advice!

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    Vote for the Dad Zone!

    Simon and I have entered the Dad Zone in the the Australian Podcast Awards and we want you to vote for us. If thats not too much trouble. Just go to the link You will have to register and thats annoying but we'd really appreciate it. Cheers!

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    The Week Off's Top 5 Movies of 2018

    A countdown! The most clickiest of click baits around. But ours is different we start at 5 and then work our way to our number one, unlike all those other stupid internet countdowns... I won't spoil it but safe to say its full of super heroes and horror films!

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    New Years Resolutions and Decluttering Solutions

    It's a new year on the dad zone and we have all the answers. Andrew has phantom tooth pain and you gives you all the best house decluttering tips. Who needs a freaking Netflix show???? Kondo, I'm talking to you. There are also other things. OHHHHHH the THINGS!!!!

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    True Crime Angle and US Government Strangle

    True Crime! The Dad Zone has shifted its direction away from comedy and advice to focus full time on True Crime. We also chat about Kevin Hart and Donald Trumps Wall. Andrew reviews Bohemian Rhapsody and Simon subjects DC's Aquaman to his expert critique. We also launch our voice and text line, so if you want us to review a movie or ask our advice please text or call +61 459 920 813 * Podcast does not contain any actual true crime, except maybe bad jokes.

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    Questionable Memes and Holiday Themes

    We're back for one week only before going on holidays again! Thats why we chocked this special episode full of amazing content. We have Christmas advice with the DadZone's patented* irreverent humour. We briefly discuss a podcast concept that never got of the ground and have a special guest host for part of the episode! Also we taste two sub par beers and talk about one of the greatest Netflix shows ever.

    *not patented

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    Shark Attack and A Stolen Mac

    Have you ever wondered how Aussie kids survive such a deadly, dangerous and unrelenting environment like Australia? Well this week we peel back the curtain on the special elite training that all children down under have to go through just to survive to adolescence. Andrew gives us the low down on life aboard a cruse ship, and we chat about Venom the movie, time wasting iOS games what you should do if you steal a laptop.

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    Shady Imposter and Bread Defroster

    This week the Dad Zone draws a line in the sand. An ancient war for the very souls of humankind has battled for centuries beneath our very noses. A battle between yin and yang, good and evil, right and wrong. We shed light on this feud between bread bin people and freezer bread people. which are you? We also offer lots of great advice, read funny memes and taste some beer.

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    Dad Zone's Wild West Spectacular

    Well, Howdy Pilgrims! In honour of the release and our subsequent addiction to Red Dead Redemption 2, we have dedicated a whole episode to the Wild West, and it's totally spectacular. So strap on your chaps, spurs and six shooters as the Dad Zone takes you on a marvellous journey into the dangerous 1800's. Oh, we also review Netflix's The Duel and of course Red Dead Redemption 2. YeeHaw!

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    Tough Gun Laws and The "I'm Fine" Clause

    Soooooooo.... Red Dead Redemption 2 came out this week and we would much rather be playing that, but instead you get your precious podcast episode! We hope you're happy! Do you need an AK-47 to keep the King of England from stealing your Wife? What's good about vegetable gardens? Not much but we talk about it. Also if you happen to need help with your tax return, then maybe listen to us, maybe.

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    Too Much Tarantino? and The Gator King's Bambino

    Wow! Big episode this week full of intrigue, surprises and reveals. We finally find out that Andrew is in fact a MORLOCK! We ask "Can a film be to Tarantino-y?" We chat about Banksy's latest stunt and figure out whats the deal with baby gender reveal parties. Reviews this week include The Haunting of Hill House, The Hateful Eight, Assassins Creed: Odyssey and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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